Designing Business Resiliency

TRAC Consulting & Engineering Limited(TRAC) is founded to offer a global protective and risk management consulting services to assist clients increase safety and reliability, enhance efficiency and mitigate risk. TRAC provide specialist engineering support and project management. We provide independent audits and inspections of your security programs. We will work with your organization to help your facility meet or exceed industry regulations and standards while continuing to operate efficiently and effectively within compliance areas. We combine data-driven risk management capabilities with technical and industry operational experience to help clients mitigate their exposure to security and technology risks using proven and practical risk-based decision-making processes.  

Technology Risk Management

  • Compliance and Audits

  • Threat, Vulnerability And Risk Assessment (TVRA)

  • Data Centre Risk Assessment

  • Critical System Single Point of Failure (SPOF) Assessment

  • Technical Feasibility Study

  • Project Management